The RotorSky Academy

Helicopter pilots need a unique combination of skills and personal characteristics. Do you meet the requirements? You will gain the proficiency in the RotorSky Academy. We will get you through your training to become a private and commercial helicopter pilot. An innovative and proven curriculum, consisting of theory and practical exercise, constitute the foundation of our academy.

The flight school incorporates more than 30 stationed helicopters for training purposes. This makes us Austria’s leading flight training organization for professional pilots. The environment itself and many elements around our school make it possible to practice all different kinds of emergency situations. You will learn how to deal with extreme challenges in the cockpit and to stay calm and make decisions.

Our program is flexible to meet individual needs. Our goal is to train the best pilots. This means hand work at the airport to execute the course successfully. Once you get there, the reward is limitless!


The way to the pilot’s license


> Information conversation
In this first dialogue, our team will fill you in on how training is conducted. You will get all the necessary detailed information, as well as explanations about the requirements to become a pilot.

> Demonstration flight
At RotorSky you have the opportunity to take place in a flight using dual controls, before starting the actual course. You can find out, if you like the feeling in the air and flying is what you want to do!

> Medical Requirements
Before getting into the helicopter, your medical fitness is being determined. It is recommended to clarify the suitability before starting your training course!

> Registration & Signing of Training Contract
Now that the steps before are completed, we can start! We will complete the registration and sign your training contract, now you’re ready to get in the air!

> Training to become a helicopter pilot
A mix of classroom theory, interactive learning platforms and training material form the theoretical module. After a small block of theory, the practical part, consisting of 45 flight hours is being incorporated. In this case, the gained knowledge can be used directly for the practical part.

> Radio communication training
Before conducting their first solo flight, students have to complete their training to exercise radio telephony privileges. Safety is the #1 priority, so the correct communication must be established for solo flights.

> Theoretical Exam
After successful completion of all theoretical courses, the theoretical exams are being taken at Austro Control. Confirmation of positive completion of these exams is a requirement for the practical test.

> Practical test
Now that the theoretical part is complete, you are ready for the practical test. It’s all about aviation safety, theory and the practical usage in the helicopter. The test is conducted by an independent flight examiner and if successfully completed, your pilot’s license will be issued!

> Rent a helicopter
Your practical test is completed, this gives the possibility to rent a helicopter at RotorSky and have a lot of fun flying, even after completion of your training.

Das sagen unsere Kunden:

“Wer einmal in einem Hubschrauber gesessen hat, will mehr.

Zumindest war das bei mir der Fall. Die Herausforderung ist jederzeit absolut konzentriert zu bleiben und für alle Ernstfälle gerüstet zu sein. Das Team der RotorSky hat mir das Gefühl von Sicherheit gegeben und mich zu meinem Traum – dem Pilotenschein – geführt. Mein nächstes Ziel ist der Berufspilotenschein.” Mario Wurm