CPL/H – Comercial Pilot licence


To start training to become a commercial pilot, the following criteria has to be met:

  • Minimum age before 1st solo flight: 16 years
  • Minimum age at date of license issuance: 18 years
  • Positive medical fitness: Medical Class 1
    > Link to medical lows about Medical fitness test
    > List of AMC’s (Aero Medical Centers) for Medical fitness test
  • Valid Austrian PPL/H with valid type rating or valid PPL/H of an ICAO member country
  • Proof of minimum 155 total flight hours in helicopters
  • 50 hours of these 155 hours must be as Pilot in Command
  • 10 hours of these 155 hours must have been conducted as Cross-Country flights
  • Proof of common knowledge in mathematics, physics and English (will be determined by the flight school)

Requirements after completion of training course / license issuance:

  • 185 total flight hours
  • Radio telephony certificate (EFZ or AFZ)
  • English language proficiency check: minimum level 4 of 6
  • Completed night visual flying course (minimum 5 hours)
  • Cross Country flight and flight with minimum distance of 185 km, on which two external airports have to be flown at.

Previous Knowledge

For pilots holding a PPL/A, training can be reduced. Taken into account are:

  • 20 hours of airplane flight hours
  • Existing theoretical training cannot be taken into account!

For pilots holding a CPL/A or ATPL/A, training can be reduced. Taken into account are:

  • 50 flight hours
  • Theoretical training:
    > 010 Air law and ATC procedures
    > 031 Mass & Balance
    > 033 Flights Planning and Monitoring
    > 040 Human Performances
    > 050 Meteorology
    > 061 General Navigation
    > 062 Radio Navigation
    > 091 VFR Communications

In a personal conversation, we can discuss your individual previous knowledge and inform you about the extent of hours and subjects taken into account. These elements of PPL/A, CPL/A and ATPL/A will be deducted from the price after confirmation!

EUR 20.412,-

incl. VAT.
with Sikorsky S300


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Our commercial pilots say:

“It’s a new experience every time and a lot of fun!”

Each airplane or helicopter type has its own characteristics. It brings a lot of diversity in the daily business to get to know different models. Together with RotorSky I was able to realize my training in the helicopter spectrum!” Colonel Dr. Georg Gappmaier