TRI/H – Type rating instructor for helicopter


The TRI authorization is an instructor license, which allows the holder to provide helicopter type specific lessons (Type Ratings).

The duration of the course to become a TRI is about 2 – 4 weeks.

Next to didactical skills, the TRI training course pays special attention to prepare the applicants for their teaching duties. Technical Knowledge will be brought to the latest standard and improved. During training the flying skills of the applicant are being checked and brought up to standards.

We offer TRI training courses for the following types of helicopters:

  • R22
  • R44
  • Sikorsky S300
  • Bell 206
  • Bell 47
  • EC 120
  • MD 520
  • AS 350 BA
  • BO 105


  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • TRI require a class 1 Medical
  • Hold a license and type rating for the type, in which is going to be instructed
  • Be able to be PIC during training
  • Minimum 15 flight hours as pilot in the class or type of helicopter on which is going to be instructed, of these a maximum of 7 hours in a FSTD that simulates the class or type, if applicable or
  • A competency check for the applicable TRI category in the helicopter class on type
  • Holder of a CPL, MPL or ATPL for helicopters
  • A TRI/H testimony for single engine helicopters as the sole pilot 250 hours on SP-SEH
  • A TR/H testimony for multi engine helicopters as the sole pilot 500 hours, of which 100 hours as PIC on multi engine helicopters (SP-MEH) requiring one pilot
  • A TRI/H testimony for helicopters with more than one pilot, 1000 hours as pilot in helicopters, including:
    > 350 hours as a pilot in helicopters, with more than 1 pilot, or
    > for applicants that already hold a TRI/H testimony for multi engine helicopters as the sole pilot, 100 hours as a pilot on type in operation with more than one pilot

Previous knowledge

If the applicant already holds a TRI/H for a different type and another one shall be added, only 2 flight hours are required, together with a theoretical technical training course. This course consists of 10 hours.

Theoretical training

The theoretical part takes about a week and consists of min. 35 hours of training. Training is split in two phases:

  • 25 hours of “Teaching and learning”
  • Min 10 hours of “Theoretical technical refresher course”

Practical training

The curriculum for practical training for a TRI/H consists of minimum 5 flight hours of training. This applies to helicopters requiring only one pilot for operation.

For aircraft that require 2 Pilots, 10 hours are the minimum training time.

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