Hillsboro Heli Academy

Our partner when it comes to license conversions from EASA to FAA. With great appreciation, Hillsboro Heli Academy also provides information about options to build flight hours, job search in the United States and much more!



FleetPlan is the innovative and comprehensive solution for efficient, company-wide management for fleets of helicopters, airplanes and ships.


Hörmann KMT Pilotenhelme

To fulfill our customers needs, we use the shell made by Gallet and adapt these individually with earcups and microphones.



autex | STICK & TEXTIL

Based in Murtal, we have been working with our customers all over Austria. Whichever article you want to embroider, print or letter, the solutions we offer should be cut especially to your needs and expectations.What’s most important is the satisfaction of our customers – because your success is our success as well!


Heli Service International GmbH

HeliService International has been in business for almost 30 years. The main focus is on the heavy growing offshore wind industry in the Northern- and Eastern Sea. A state-of-the-art fleet of nine helicopters, including AW139/AW169 and SK76 is used almost every day. Additionally, two helicopters are based on the research ship “Polarstern” of the Alfred Wegener Institute.



Austrian Air Force

Austrian Air Force Aeronautical Fashion offers a large amount of different clothing, made of the best quality in a fashionable Austrian Air Force design!


Rogers Data

Rogers Data produces VFR navigation charts for several states of the European Union (EASA member states). The Rogers Data VFR navigation charts are special due to the topographic background and offer a very detailled representation of respective airspaces.




Photographer and graphics designer from Upper Austria specialized in Architecture-, Commercial- and Airborne Photography. Creator of our website and printed advertisment.



Artcore Airbrushdesign

Your partner for reasonably priced airbrush designs.