FI – Flight Instructor


To start training to become a flight instructor, the following criteria has to be met:

  • Minimum age for license issuance: 18 years
  • Positive Medical Fitness test: Class 1 or 2 (depending on license, CPL/H or PPL/H
    > Link to medical laws about Medical fitness test
    > List of AMC’s (Aero Medical Centers) for Medical fitness test
  • Valid Austrian PPL/H with valid type rating or valid CPL/H
  • Proof of a minimum of 250 flight hours in helicopters
    > Minimum of 100 hours as PIC, if applicant holds a CPL/H or ATPL/H
    > Minimum of 200 hours a PIC, if applicant holds a PPL/H
    > Practical enrollment test (about 1,5 hours of flight time)
    > Minimum of 10 hours of practice flights in IFR
    > Minimum of 20 hours as PIC on Cross country flights
    > PPL/H instructors have to prove CPL/H level of flying (verified by the Approved Training Organization), but do not have to hold a CPL/H

Previous Knowledge

Is the instructor applicant holder of a FI/A license, only Theory-credits can be taken into account:

  • 25 hours “Teaching and learning”
  • 55 hours of the required 100 hours of the second part of the course

Theoretical training

The theory block consists of a minimum of at least 125 hours and is split in two parts. The first one covers 25 hours and is called “Teaching and learning”. Methodical and didactical skills are taught.

The second part is all about the right formation of lessons and their use. For training purposes, the instructor applicants have to present lessons and hold courses, which are supervised by the trainers:

  • 010 Air Law and ATC Procedures
  • 021 Aircraft General Knowledge
  • 022 Instrumentation
  • 031 Mass & Balance
  • 034 Performance Helicopters
  • 033 Flight Planning and Monitoring
  • 040 Human Performance
  • 050 Meteorology
  • 061 General Navigation
  • 062 Radionavigation
  • 070 Operational Procedures
  • 082 Principles of Flight
  • 091 VFR Communications

Practical training

The practical part is split in two phases:

  • Visual flight training (minimum 25 hours)
  • Mutual training (minimum 5 hours)

Total flight time: minimum 30 hours

The total time of 30 flight hours is being flown together with the most experienced instructors at school. The applicant is sitting in the instructor seat, the instructor takes place in the student’s seat. All procedures are being trained and practice lessons are simulated. The applicant will be trained perfectly for his later occupation and filled in to all kinds of hazards. During “Mutual Training”, two applicants fly together and alternate between student- and instructor role. This phase takes at least 5 hours.

EUR 18.938,-

incl. VAT.
with Sikorsky S300


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